Bali holiday, Ubud & Tandjung Sari

People say that the Balinese people have reached self-content. They are proud of having preserved their unique Hindu culture and this is still reflected in day-to-day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, festivals, and magnificent temples and palaces. 

The Balinese are skilled artisans and are also noted for their traditional dance, the distinctive music of the gamelan and their skills in weaving cloth. The rise of tourism on Bali since artists began flocking here in the 1960s has not changed local customs and still today it is the law in Bali that no building can be higher than a palm tree.

Bali’s cultural centre, Ubud, is a rewarding destination renowned for its artisans, temples and galleries, traditional ceremonies and heavenly regional cuisine. Ubud is also a gateway to eastern Bali and you can explore traditional villages, ancient monuments and picturesque terraced paddy fields on a guided tour. Drive or cycle the quiet roads and dirt tracks to see traditional ikat weavers at work, visit the temples of Mount Agung, take a dip in hidden hot springs or simply absorb the rhythm of life in rural Bali.

Tepi Sawah is a small, intimate property set in beautiful tropical gardens on the outskirts of Ubud. Designed in traditional style, the 25 rooms overlook the surrounding rice fields and are decorated with paintings by local artists. The hotel also has a quiet pool and two restaurants. Check in?

Following a 3 night stay in Ubud, we'll transfer you to Sanur for a relaxing week on the beach.
Set in the relaxed beach town of Sanur, Tandjung Sari offers traditional elegance as well as excellent value for money. One of the oldest hotels in the area, it is renowned for its fine food and friendly staff.
One of Bali’s best kept secrets, the hotel has been welcoming guests for over 50 years since it opened in 1962 as Bali’s first boutique property. Located on Sanur Beach it was originally an extension to a family home and is still owned and managed by that same family. 

Named after the small temple on the beachfront, the literal translation is Cape of Flowers. This small, charming hotel offers characterful accommodation set amongst the larger resorts of Sanur Beach with the convenience of plenty of shops, restaurants and bars on the doorstep.

The beautiful old gardens and rambling character of the pathways create an atmosphere of deep charm and tranquillity. With a variety of activities and a great location, Tandjung Sari attracts couples of all ages, as well as families.

Built with local materials it is decorated in an understated style with Balinese fabrics and wood carvings. The hotel's bungalows surround a central beachside area where the bar, restaurant and saltwater infinity pool are shaded by huge trees strung with hanging lanterns at dusk. The bar overlooks a serene tidal lagoon with views across the sea to Nusa Penida Island, while the restaurant serves a highly regarded menu of Indonesian and international dishes.

Each of the 27 thatched bungalows are all equipped with air conditioning, free wireless internet access, minibar, palm leaf sunhats, sarongs, mosquito coils, outdoor areas, bathtub & shower and tea & coffee making facilities. They are individually decorated in authentic Balinese style and some have their own private garden, outdoor shower, balcony or bale (pavilion).

The spa at Tandjung Sari offers a wide range of traditional Indonesian healing and beauty treatments for inner and outer well-being. Sanur has a traditional atmosphere yet plenty of facilities and you can walk along a boardwalk from the hotel to the town's many restaurants and shops. The hotel also hosts regular jazz evenings and twice monthly performances of traditional dance accompanied by a gamelan orchestra. If you miss the recitals the hotel hosts children's dance lessons twice a week as part of its commitment to preserving traditional Balinese art forms. Book now?


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